meets Antonio Villaraigosa

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If enough people help with the plan we can save lives. Take time out now and help get more desperately-needed supplies. is a "progressive" organization featuring losing VP candidate John Edwards and involving the UNITE HERE union. They seek to improve the lot of low-wage earning hotel workers.

Today ( they met with L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat and a former member of the racial separatist organization MEChA.

A while back, another Democrat, Gil Cedillo, (also a former member of the racial separatist organization MEChA) said the following:

"Latinos have displaced other work communities - clothing, hotel, and restaurant industries that used to be done by blacks and anglos."

Being a "progressive" is a delicate balance between supporting good jobs for Americans and helping flood the U.S. with cheap foreign labor designed to drive down American wages. And, a similar delicate balance between not being racist and supporting racists.


Yes D, you would think this would wake some folks up. Imagine the loss of income of Americas poorest workers, the loss in tax money, the costs of free health care, free education, welfare, crime etc. to millions of illegal immigrants and you begin to see the costs to Americans growing to hundreds of billions of dollars a year. For example, illegal immigrant workers here send $50 billion back to Mexico each year. With the usual economic multiplier of 3, that means $150 billion lost to the USA economy a year from just this one factor.

The net economic losses per year from illegal immigration could solve our social security program's problem, increase our defense spending by ~ 50%, and on and on. It just does not make sense.

I have had a running battle with organized labor over this issue for some time. The "leaders" are as blind to the rank and file as the "elites" are to average citizens. Around DC you have about one out of 6 people born in another country. The construction, hotel, and restaurant industry is swamped with Hispanic workers, many (maybe most) illegal, and the unemployment rate for black men in DC is through the roof. Union construction workers in New Orleans are replaced by illegal immigrants and carpenters in southern FL are making less than they did 20 years ago. The meat packing industry, which used to be good union wages with some safety standards, is now nearly all high-turnover illegal labor. You'd think that would wake some folks up.