Democrats support "securing the border", UAVs

The House "Homeland Security Democrats" have released a report (PDF file) taking the administration to task for their failures to secure the "homeland".

Despite having Loretta Sanchez in their group, in the report they sound almost like serious-minded Americans instead of the childish race-baiters we've come to expect such as Howard Dean et al.

They complain about the administration failing to "secure the border". And, they even support the use of drones to do border surveillance.

Of course, I'm sure there's some "nuance" involved. They'll call for UAVs on the one hand, but give a wink and a nod to those big corporations that employ illegal aliens on the other.

Note that during the campaign John Kerry did mention the DHS' failings, but he never to my knowledge harped on border security. If he had, he'd be president today.

Is this a sign of a new, American, serious Democratic Party? Or, just more of the same "nuance"?


"If he had, he'd be president today."

Maybe. Depends on how the expected 'race-baiting' by the 'et als' would've played out. But it certainly would've provided an opportunity to begin to chip away at, and punch holes in, all of that nonsense, which may in the end have been even more helpful in '08.