Fred Barnes supports "comprehensive immigration reform"

From the Tamar Jacoby file comes Fred Barnes with El Grande Old Party?. Summary: Bush should capitulate to corruption and embrace a massive illegal alien amnesty.


He can't say that he wants to increase the aggression on the net taxpayer, so he has to use a suitably undefined and irrational catchphrase like family values. If these include the increase of aggression upon those to whom loyalty is owed, they're talking in terms of crime family values that don't stop at the Rio grande, or anywhere.

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"Fred Barnes pimps the Bush Amnesty"

"...why does President Bush prattle on on and about family values whenever he's discussing illegals? Because he's compassionate? He'd probably like to think so, but it ain't so. The Bush Amnesty would grant vast preferences to illegals who've also worked illegally, over potential guest workers who haven't broken our laws. The only objective criterion for this injustice would be that the illegals have broken several laws and other potential guest workers haven't."

Fact is if you can't see how totally corrupt bush is just go to mexico. slavery anyone? that is the road people are going down.