Xinhua: "Protests against Bush held across US"

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The (mainland) China newssource Xinhua reports on protests held by an organization called "World Can't Wait". In Los Angeles alone, they say that more than 800 high school students walked out of classes. If you've been following along with the "peace" movement, but you've never heard of WCW before, you're probably thinking, "what's their story? Which extremist group are they affiliated with". Your answer in a moment. First the play-by-play:
...They used the anniversary of Bush's re-election to express their discontent with his policies including the war in Iraq and response to Hurricane Katrina and call for his resignation...

Hundreds of high school students in New York City on Wednesday staged a walkout in Union Square, midtown Manhattan, as part of a national day of resistance against the policy of the Bush administration...

Protests were also held in other major US cities. In Chicago, some 500 people attended a downtown rally as a few protesters waved Iraqi flags and vandalized American flags...
Choosing Xinhua as the source of this news was intentional, as the group behind WCW is the... Revolutionary Communist Party. Not just the regular, cuddly variety of Commies, but the revolutionary kind. Details here:


The Red Chinese have been backing the Red Mexicans ( aztlan movement ) for years now, with bush acting like a fool ( or is he? ) playing into the hands of the Mexicans and the ideals of Red China I look at this as typical.

"If a people", will not fight and a people will just stand by and say nothing you will someday see a real witch's brew of mexicans and Reds running this nation.
death to the enmeies of the bill of rights! ( by the way i can say that for now but in ten years i will see your little brown brothers show up at my door with AK'S In hand by that time i will be so old i will only be able to kill a few, death to the Reds of this world. )