True face of Democratic Party: union thugs attack woman at anti-Arnold rally

Yesterday the anti-Arnold forces held a rally in downtown Los Angeles. It featured Antonio Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, and, in the crowd, lots of union members and one lone Arnold supporter.

Read the report in "UNION THUGS attack Schwarzenegger supporter at Villarogosa rally in Los Angeles - VIDEO!!!". The video is of a KCAL report from Carter Evans, and it's available in this 10 Meg WMV file.

If you're on the fence, or you're a reasonable person but you oppose Arnold's propositions for some reason, you need to see this video.

From the reporter's voiceover:

Opponents tried to hit her with their signs, and some blocked news cameras as she argued her point. The crowd turns quickly, grabbing her signs and tearing them up, even a woman wearing an orange security vest angrily rips up the Vote Yes signs.

Someone wearing a 'Unite Here' T-shirt reaches down from the stage and grabs the victim's cap off, and she has to reach back to grab it back. And, I saw at least one person put her hands on the victim. The victim is white, and the security person mentioned above is black. But, almost everyone else surrounding her was Hispanic.

Hopefully she'll file a police complaint about the possible assault and, while I'm extremely doubtful, perhaps it could even be prosecuted as a hate crime.

This is the face of the California Democratic Party and the opposition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it is not a pretty sight at all.

UPDATE: There's a press release on this assault from the California Republican Party here.

For more, see my collection of links on the Special Election.

UPDATE 2: Now linked by the COTB.


Some people on 'the left' -- and while I ain't fond of labels, I think that would be a fair description of the people involved here -- are bigger fascists than the ones they claim to be fighting. And they're too fucking dumb to see it. A scary mob.

Sometimes we wonder if the California Democratic Party is a "hate crime" by its very existence...

No good comes from it.