White House unveils guest worker scheme

On Wednesday, Karl Rove discussed Bush's scheme to bring in millions of kind-hearted folks with select (U.S.) representatives:
The White House is preparing to unveil an immigration-reform plan that would allow millions of undocumented residents to remain in the United States as guest workers, two Arizona congressmen said...

[...our "guests" get a three-year visa...]

As explained to the congressmen, the plan gives workers the opportunity to renew that visa for another three years before requiring them to leave the country. They could then apply again to return.

Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Ariz., one of the congressmen who spent an hour and 15 minutes with Rove and other administration officials Wednesday, said he was taken aback by the "comprehensive" nature of the plan.

"I was surprised to find that they have gone as far as they have in preparing a specific proposal," said Kolbe, who has long championed a guest-worker plan as a way to control the tide of illegal border crossers. "We thought we were just going down for a discussion of different proposals."

Rep. Jeff Flake, also at the White House meeting, was struck by the level of detail. "I was impressed with the time and effort they put into it," said Flake, also from Arizona. "I expected more of an outline. We got more flesh than expected."
I'm a bit confused. What should Americans do? Impeach Bush now? Or, wait until his plan fails miserably and his popularity plummets even further, thus rendering impeachment unnecessary?

UPDATE: There's a little more info here, which will be put into its own post.


Gee, and we were told for how long that Bush had not developed any plan at all, that he was going to depend on Congress to come up with something?

Seems to me that Bush and his people have a little problem being truthful...as in, they don't like it. Funny thing is, this was the same bunch that attacked Clinton for being a liar, and babbled on and on about "restoring dignity" to the White House. Clinton was a liar and a cheat, so is Bush. The difference is, Slick Willy never told us he wasn't a liar and a cheat. He was at least honest about his dishonesty.