Bill: No benefits for illegal aliens in Georgia

ATLANTA - There will be no welcome mat in Georgia next year for illegal immigrants if Republicans in the Georgia Senate have their way. A bill they are backing as a top priority would block taxpayer-funded benefits for individuals who are not citizens...

"We cannot afford to take care of everybody," Johnson said in a news conference with Sen. Chip Rogers, R-Woodstock, whose bill to prohibit benefits to illegal immigrants is pending in the upper chamber. "Our priorities should be on Georgia's neediest citizens ... (and) our neighbors, our friends who are hurting - the evacuees from the Gulf," Johnson said. "Those should all be a higher priority than somebody who has broken the law and come to this country illegally."
See, this is what happens when you don't use the correct terminology. In the first paragraph, they imply this could extend to legal residents who aren't citizens. But, in the second paragraph they say it only includes illegal aliens.
Sen. Sam Zamarripa, D-Atlanta, said the measure will only accelerate the black market in false ID papers and documents. "If you really want to fix this, you need to go audit the biggest employers in the state. You're going to discover inappropriate documentation for people that work. If they want to stop it, find the people that hire people," he said.
That's a good one! Click his name to find out more about that fine legislator.

And, for more on his colleague Pedro Marin, see "Mexican agents in the state houses? Part 2". That case is something everyone should be very concerned about.