Mexican business leaders feeling unwanted, unloved

From "Mexican execs tell Nunez they feel rejected by state":
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said Mexican business executives told him yesterday they feel "totally rejected" by California political leaders, a contrast to their warm relations with Texas officials.

After a private meeting with a dozen business leaders here, the Los Angeles Democrat said executives regard the current wave of "anti-immigrant hysteria" in California as an affront to them...
All together: Awwwwwwww.

And, from "Nunez Trip Hits Heavy Resistance":
...[Mexican-"American" politican Fabian Nunez] worked with a local public relations man to spread his message to as many people as possible: that immigrants were a precious California resource and that the two nations must work together to protect their future...

Even worse, Mexicans here say, was the speaker's insistence that Schwarzenegger โ€” who this spring praised the "Minuteman" campaign along the U.S.-Mexico border โ€” was a caring person.

"Where does this guy stand?" asked Ulises Canchola Gutierrez, a foreign ministry official. "He supports a state of emergency. He says Arnold is not so bad. I'm confused."

...His call last week for Schwarzenegger to declare a state of emergency was seen in California as putting pressure on the Bush administration to acknowledge the steep costs shouldered by border states. Similar declarations this month by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano made headlines and freed up about $2 million.

Here, it was interpreted as another slap in the face...

"I don't believe he is anti-Mexican, or anti-immigrant," said Nunez, leaving many scratching their heads. Schwarzenegger is seen as favoring a sealed border, a position that is widely interpreted here as anti-Mexican...

"It is important that we need to protect the border," he said. "Not militarize it, protect it."

It was the sort of tempered liberalism that would normally draw applause from Latino audiences in California...
Wouldn't it be nice not to have to deal with this issue? Under any of the immigration "reform" programs, isn't it just going to get worse? Aren't our "amigos" to the south just going to make more and more demands?

For the sake of this country, we need to just back away slowly from this whole mess. We can't afford to get even more entangled with a country that obviously has no respect for our laws. If Mexico's leaders won't reform themselves, then we need to just build a wall.


They're pretending that the net taxpayers of America have no rights, while their privilege of not having our government be antimexican is somehow a right that they might feel aggrieved over the potential loss of. We have antimexican fences and barriers already, so let them stay upset over it; we need more and better of these barriers. The grabbing of net public subsidy by foreigners here is not precious; it is extreme disvalue.