NM Gov. Bill Richardson supports illegal immigration

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In a less-than-worthless segment of PBS's NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown sat there while New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and Mexican ambassador Carlos De Icaza said (almost) nothing of note. Brown had no even slightly interesting or slightly tough questions for them. The segment gave the false impression that everything is just a little bit askew down there, rather than the facts: Mexico's corrupt oligarchy is sending us millions of people with the connivance of some of our elected officials and other members of our own corrupt elite.

The interview did however have this newsworthy statement (needless to say, Brown did not follow up):

In fact my state, New Mexico, is the most immigrant friendly state. We have licenses for undocumented workers. We have scholarships for them to go to our university because we want to integrate them; we don't want them out driving without insurance. But when you have border security that is such a concern in terms of terrorist activities, in terms of drug smuggling, human smuggling, this is why we're asking for, pleas to both federal governments to just get a little more involved and active.

I think that statement makes it painfully clear that Bill Richardson supports illegal immigration.

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Just a few days ago he declared a 'State of Emergency' along his state's border, ostensibly because of illegal immigration and its attendant problems:



It's hard to think of anything positive to say about the guy, in any case, i.e. even without his apparently bizarre contradictory doings.