Houston "leaders" to Minuteman Project: you're "unkind"

Shocking news out of Houston, as the entire city - every last man, woman, child, and household pet - has turned out in opposition to the Minuteman Project.

Well, not quite. But, reading the report "Houston leaders: 'No to Minutemen, yes to immigration reform'" from KHOU you might get that completely false impression.

It includes this quote from "Fr. Paul English, Vicar for Hispanic Families at St. Anne Catholic Community":

"Nobody can deny that our Country's immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed... We've got exploited workers, divided families, deaths in the desert, fake documents. And now an anti-immigrant militia group is coming to Houston to intimidate members of our community. We need a strong, united voice from local leadership to call for immediate action from Congress."

Now, where have we heard that crap before? See "America's immigration system is broken, and needs to be fixed" for more on this robotic talking point. Did he read that off a card, or does he have it memorized?

Others who attended the meeting and called for complete amnesty for illegal aliens included:

Catholic Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza
an interfaith coalition of Houston-area clergy
City Council Members Gordon Quan and Adrian Garcia
Rev. David Meeker-Williams, a Methodist pastor

And, here's more from English:

"These are people who have left everything in their own country... It's often because there are just no opportunities for them. They come here to try to eek out a living day by day. And for someone to put that in danger, with no real purpose, there doesn't seem to be any kind plan they have, just to intimidate people. And it seems to me to be pretty unkind."

Awwwww. Perhaps the good Fr. could engage his left brain a little bit and try to figure out a better way to deal with this issue. After all, doesn't the Catholic church say that you should follow the frigging law?


A wonder to behold it is: the alliance between the holy ones and the cheap labor traffickers. No doubt the holypersons give no thought to the well documented joblessness and wage depression among the US citizenry caused by the flooding of the labor market by illegal aliens. Nor do they care about the democratic rights of US citizens who overwhelmingly report to pollsters that they would like to have their immigration laws enforced.

Kindness to foreign criminals, who rarely avoid increasing the aggression against the victimized taxpayers, is no more practicable or morally acceptable than pacifism. Pacifists cannot provide moral leadership to a society; their ideal is subideal, and cannot rank values in a way that connects appropriately to the existence of living beings. Hitler could not have been killed by kindness; and how can one urge kindness to invading criminals, while ignoring the need for kindness to the net taxpayer, upon whom all these festivities depend?