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Arizona, USA
Pale Male Voter-no apologies-- Trump followers HIGHLY encouraged! CONSTITUTION! Globalists/commies/mozloms banned from this TL-
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Deranged #MAGA @USAlivestrong has indeed blocked me for trying to get him to help stop amnesty: Even though I'm not in "Globalists/commies/mozloms".
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From @USAlivestrong
RT @fromrussia_: Immigration surge? Obama administration to order millions of blank IDs and ‘green cards’: In a move that may h... http://t…
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.@USAlivestrong: over 1 year ago I asked you to get James Woods to help stop amnesty. If you & he had, Obama wouldn't be pushing amnesty.
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@USAlivestrong: could you get James Woods to get behind this *solution* to #immigration problems: ?