Bank of "America", Part 2

The Mexican consulate visited Carpentersville, IL to pass out Matricula Consular cards, also known as IDs for illegals. A report is in "Mexicans line up for ID cards, passports". As you might guess from the title, Bank of "America" sponsored the visit by the consulate. The consul was inside giving identification cards to people, many of whom are no doubt in the U.S. illegally. Outside, the Bank of "America" had set up a table to pitch their wares.

Only in the 16th paragraph do we get a slight shimmer of the truth:

That's why banks accept the matriculas consular, even though the IDs have come under fire from many groups who say it rewards undocumented immigrants and threatens security.

One of those "many groups" is our own FBI, but what do they know about such things, right?

After that paragraph, the reporter (who just happens to be named Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz) lauds the safety features of the cards, and ends with this:

"There's a misunderstanding that the matricula gives immigration status or rights," [Selene Barcelo of the consulate] said. "These people are just trying to make a better living for their families."

Obviously, we shouldn't take her word for much of anything. And, whether they're trying to make a better living or going to hell in a handbasket really has nothing to do with whether these cards give immigration-related rights.

The fact is, the cards do give rights to illegal aliens, as illustrated earlier in the article. Without such cards, illegals would have trouble opening accounts at banks. With the cards, Bank of "America" and other financial institutions let them open accounts and even get home loans.

Everyone should send the President/CEO of this paper an email and ask him why they're promoting the agenda of a foreign country: Doug Ray, dray *at*

Bank of "America"
"Mexican president vows to fight for continued U.S. acceptance of matricula identity cards"
"Consular IDs help illegals evade immigration law"
"House Backs Bush on Mexican ID Cards" (FBI calls cards a security threat)


"With the cards, Bank of "America" and other financial institutions let them open accounts and even get home loans."

How horrible