Gil Cedillo's SB 60 passes Transportation Committee

Gil Cedillo's latest attempt to get ID into the hands of Mexican citizens who are in California illegally has passed the Transportation Committee. It now goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and if it passes there it will be voted on in the Assembly. Passage there would send it to Arnold, who will most likely veto it.

Details in the biased Copley News report "Immigrant license bill under Republican fire" from James P. Sweeney. However, for the real story see this first-hand account:
Ric Oberlink referred to SB976, implemented in 1993, and observed that Sen. Alquist and others in the legislature at that time recognized that California had a problem with illegal aliens and we should not be facilitating it with driver licenses. At the end of his testimony, Chairperson [Jenny Oropeza (D-Long Beach)] interrupted to clarify that Mr. Oberlink was referring to Sen. Al Alquist, and not the current Senator Elaine Alquist. Oropoza explained that she didn’t want the current Senator to take the "blame" for the 1993 law...

Assemblyman Simon Salinas, D-Salinas commented, "Superman was an illegal alien, and we made him a hero."

Dennis Mountjoy R-Monrovia asked Sen. Cedillo directly, "Is it your intent to issue driver’s licenses to those who are in this country illegally?" Cedillo never directly answered the question.

Oropeza, Chair

Huff, VChair

Not Voting
Someone really needs to ask Cedillo which country he thinks he represents.


Can't be sure of course, but judging from last names it looks a bit like the vote went down along ethnic lines: 5 of 7 ayes appear to be 'people of color', while only 1 nay is really questionable (Niello -- again, just going by last names). Which sort of bolsters what I've observed all along about 'diversity' and hyphenated Americans: many of them are light on the '-American' part. Most transparent of course is Cedillo himself, who seems to spend most of his time working on behalf of foreigners.

Anyone who thinks all of this -- not just licenses, but all the 'diversity' crap -- will lead us anywhere America ought to go is IMO majorly deluded.