Tweets to Kristin Mink #RemoveTrump #ImpeachKavanaugh

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Kristin Mink #RemoveTrump #ImpeachKavanaugh
Maryland, USA
Mom Who Confronted Scott Pruitt | Teacher | She/her/ella | #Resist | Organize!
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From @KristinMinkDC
The Federalist Society, which donates copious amounts ofto conservative candidates & then “suggests” conservative…
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From @Mutualofohmaha
@KristinMinkDC I am all about this kind of action- sign me up! I can design things, dress up, whatever! I love it!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
A smart tactic is to challenge pols using Socratic questions (like lawyers use). Is Kristin pushing that, or just childish stunts that don't change minds? MT @Mutualofohmaha [I'll help!] MT @KristinMinkDC [childish anti-Kavanaugh brochure w out of context quotes at protest]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EricLevitz: you blog re EPA & formaldehyde. Which approach is smart: 1. Obsessing over custom pens & the other childish junk... 2. @KristinMinkDC ranting at Pruitt in his private life... 3. Someone who's smart engaging an EPA official in Socratic debate about the issue?
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From @Bros4America
Not all heroines wear cape. Thanks for speaking out Kristin!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Bros4America: if @kristinminkdc were smart she'd have engaged Pruitt in debate, asking Socratic questions designed to put him on the spot. Instead she just acted like a child. She's not a peer of Pruitt & her tantrum will be forgotten tomorrow. #TheResistance
Eric Lipson #BlueWave2020's avatar
From @lipsoneric
This is a zero and this is a hero Thank you @KristinMinkDC #theresistance is real! #pruittresign
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lipsoneric: you probably won't understand this, but @KristinMinkDC isn't a peer of Scott Pruitt: she acted like a child begging a parent for something. A peer would have engaged Pruitt in Socratic debate & asked him tough questions that'd make him look bad *to Trump's base*.