More microbiologist wackiness

Microbiologists and other scientists sure seem to have been having an awful run of bad luck these past few years. I see that Steve Quayle's List of Dead Scientists has expanded to include a few new names since I last checked.

One of the latest is Dr. Robert J. Lull, who was the chief of nuclear medicine at San Francisco General Hospital. He was found in his home's entry hall, stabbed multiple times by one or more assailants. The police found several cherry stones on the floor, and there were cherries in his refrigerator, but they don't know where they came from: him, the assailant(s), or perhaps they fell out when he was taking out the trash. As of May 21, the police were stumped: "Doctor's murder stumps police in San Francisco". His car and credit cards were taken, but the police say something other than robbery could be the motive.

Then, there's the case of Todd Kauppila, who had worked at... Los Alamos. He was fired from there last year in a matter involving two computer disks which had gone missing. It was later determined that the disks never existed in the first place, and his boss later left his job. This case might have just been a medical issue, or it might have been something else entirely...

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