Naperville: Anti-self-fondling library measures taken

In order to make it easier to identify those who fondle themselves in front of public library computers, the Naperville (Illinois) library will now require computer users to sign in using a fingerprint scanner.

Apparently, the scanner will record 15 measurements from a finger, which will then be stored away. Each time the user wants to use the Internet there, they'll sign in using said finger. They say the daily log-ins will be deleted each day.

This was prompted in part after someone was caught fondling himself in front of teenagers will viewing porn. Yes, there was just one instance, but you never know when that could turn into a huge trend, with tri-state pervs driving to Naperville to use the 'Net.

Details in "Library card? Check. Fingerprint? Really?"

...U.S. Biometrics [the scanner vendor] President Dave Delgrosso said his company's technology is seeping into the mainstream, popping up in banks, hospitals and other institutions where exact identifications are important.