Chris Cannon, Grover Norquist, WSJ, Fox News all linked together?

Regular readers of this blog are probably familar with Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT). (If not, see "Rep. Chris Cannon, great American and great Republican" for the latest or see "Aide to U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) solicits campaign contributions from illegal aliens" for a classic.)

On Monday, the NYT published "Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure", which showed all the links between Grover Norquist and indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Now, Project USA reports:
On May 02, 2004, Norquist wrote a dishonest article for attacking Matt Hayes of Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement after ran a piece by Matt detailing the negative impact on working Americans of the immigration policies pushed by Rep. Chris Cannon of Utah...

By the sheerest of coincidences, in the last election cycle, Chris Cannon's campaign paid Janus Merritt Strategies, the firm Grover Norquist started with David Safavian, Cannon's chief of staff in 2001, $5,960 for "Campaign Consulting & Fundraising Exp." Also during the 2004 cycle, Cannon's campaign paid $5,614 for fundraising expenses to Williams Mullen, the influence-peddling company that was in the process of buying Norquist's influence-peddling company.

Matt had a crushing response to Norquist ready to submit (crushing responses to immigration extremists, forced as they are to rely on dishonesty in order to be convincing, are very easy to write), when he got word that word had come from higher up not to print any more articles by him that mentioned Chris Cannon...

...In the 2004 cycle, News America Holdings gave $5,000 to Cannon for Congress...
Note that American Patrol says that Norquist is supposedly now in favor of greater immigration control, but who cares.


Grover is only for more security at the border when combined with Bush's guest worker program. He was on a panel of advocates that were promoting the guest worker plan. We all know that temporary guest workers really mean permenent workers here. Once they get here do you really believe they plan on returning home? And if this bill is passed you know that they will drop the enforcement part of it, just like they did during the last amnesty.