Schwarzenegger: KRCA should take down billboard; supports Minutemen

In an interview on today's John & Ken show on KFI Los Angeles, CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said that TV station KRCA should take down the billboard in which the "CA" of "Los Angeles CA" has been crossed out and replaced with the word "Mexico."

He said that he understands why poor people from Mexico want to come here and that he welcomes business with Mexico. He blames the federal government for failing to secure the borders, not the illegal immigrants for wanting to come here. He called the billboard "divisive" and "unnecessary" and said that it promoted illegal immigration.

He said that Los Angeles is a city where "we should work together, live together" and that the billboard is a "disservice to legal immigrants" and that it "stirs up the issue of illegal immigration"

When asked about the Minuteman Project, he said that it had done a "terrific job." He said that "it's a shame that private citizens has to go in there and secure our borders."

He was asked about president Bush calling the volunteers for the Minuteman Project "vigilantes." He responded in a diplomatic manner and said that he can't say what Bush is thinking and that perhaps he knows something we don't know.


John and Ken are 2 of the biggest idiots on radio. Their agenda? who knows, but they are sure jealous of the power Saddam had. They have declared themselves emperors of California and they will decide who is elected. They want to encite racism and fuel violence because they are sick individuals.

Whatever they say? Rest assured its not based on anything rational.

Why would Arnold waste his time on that loser radio show? Those imbeciles have been proven in the past to be racist fools, caught lying, caught subverting the Government. They dare anyone to arrest them as traitors, then go ahead and push the line.

Al Franken has far more credibility and respect than either John/Ken combined. and Al Franken is a liar and leftist extremist wacko. Michael Moore is more respectable than either combined. John and Ken are worthless individuals.

If such foreigners have to say: we are good because we are taking over, that is no better than Hitler saying the same thing. There is no rational justification for the importation of millions of subsidy swilling foreigners by means of aggression on the net taxpayer. That would explain why they would have to use a Goebbelsish war propaganda approach; such as saying: give up already, we are unstoppable. A movement that can only hope for defeatism on the other side, is not a winner, though. In any case; it is what is right, that matters, not who is getting away with something today.