L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich wants to stop use of Matricula Consular cards

LOS ANGELES - County supervisor Mike Antonovich said Monday he received a fraudulent Mexican identification card with his own photo on it and wants the county to stop recognizing the consular cards as valid identification.

Antonovich, who was the lone vote among the county's five supervisors against first recognizing the cards in 2002, said he was concerned that the card could be misused for criminal and even terrorist purposes.

Antonovich said in a statement the card is "designed to give Mexican nationals, primarily those here illegally, a valid form of identification," and said he will bring a motion Tuesday requesting his colleagues rescind their acceptance of the cards.

Mexican Consul General Ruben Beltran said the cards are secure and listed in an easily searchable, computerized database. He added that Mexico has used them since 1871, and other countries including Argentina, Guatemala and Spain have also used them as a way to document the number of citizens living abroad...

Yes, well let us know when Spain has a deliberate policy to send us millions of people and gives them the cards in an attempt to skirt U.S. laws.

Mexico's Beltran was last featured here trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the L.A. Times' own Steve Lopez. The price of lettuce was involved. There's more on him in this search.

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