"What happened to Ben?"

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"He's in the back, doing Vicky."

"Ter, please."

"Well, that's what he's doing. Where are we going next? I'm tired."

"We'll be in Wisconsin soon. That's America's Dairyland, right John?"

"Yes, John. It's America's Dairyland. They have lots of cows there."

"Bel WA? Is that Canada?"

"No, Ter. It's in Wisconsin. And, they call it Buh LOIT."

"Quelle gauche. Betes."

"Ter, settle down. This is very important to all of us. And, we're in the MidWest. This is different from the coasts or Aspen. So... Ter... I have a favor to ask..."

"John, you know when you ask nice I can't refuse."

"Our lunch stop this time will be at... Arby's."

"What's that?"

"Well, they serve good old American food."

"Is it like that horrid Wendy's place?"

"Well, it's different. They have this... I guess you could call it meat. It's actually, to be technically correct, it's more of an extruded meat product. But, it's thin. Like prosciutto. When I served this country in Vietnam, we didn't have prosciutto. We didn't have Arby's. Could you manage to eat a few slices of some prosciutto kind of thing for the greater good?"

"John, I need real food. The grilled diver sea scallops we had in Maine were fairly good."

"That was New York, Ter. Upstate New York... Look, let's compromise. If you can manage to choke back some Arby's, I'll order take out again..."

"Yes, but ou en Beloit... er, Beloit... I hate that town already... Where in Beloit is there some acceptable food?"

"Here, Ter, you choose the one you like the best. And, remember, this is for the greater good."



Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel columnist Jum Stingl rips the cover off Kerry's gustatory hypocrisy. JFK Mark II namechecked a popular frozen custard stand, and the inner city's most storied BBQ joint. He actually ate at an overpriced, mediocre restaurant with a choice Lake Michigan view.



Takeout spies should have had their eyes on Cafe Belwah.


Jonah Goldberg* stopped at a Culver's on his way through Menomonie. He pronounced the butter burgers excellent. Maybe Ter would like that.

I hope THK got a chance to have a bratwurt in M'waukee. They are so European, after all. :)

* http://www.nationalreview.com/goldberg/goldberg.asp


Check out the pick - Is that a Bush/Cheney 04 bumper sticker on the side of the SUV?