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Supporting every effort to return sanity to our country.
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From @jennycohn1
“Voting system CEOs agree to work with government, not independent analysts." The distinct…
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From @perfectrose2011
@jennycohn1 This is what I found in the Twitter explanation: "Other times, it may be in response to a valid and pr…
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From @TMatthews122
@perfectrose2011 @jennycohn1 And exactly which country?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TMatthews122 @perfectrose2011: FYI, Twitter heavily censors replies to Rouhani, Ajit Pai, Mike Trout, Target, Medvedev, etc. etc. See the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet. I haven't been able to find a reporter to cover that, why don't you try.