How to make big money with illegal immigration

No, not the "normal" way such as that allegedly employed by Wal*Mart subcontractors, Tyson Foods, and the like.

There are millions to be made by following the laws, rather than trying to break them (link):

YAKIMA, Wash., July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A group of legal immigrants residing in Washington state's apple-producing Yakima Valley won a major legal victory yesterday after a U.S. District Court judge certified a class action lawsuit against executives of one of the state's largest orchard owners charging that the executives conspired to depress farmworkers' wages by hiring large numbers of illegal workers to set low wage standards for orchard and packing house work.

The class action lawsuit was originally filed in United States District Court in March of 2000 under the Federal Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and is the first of its kind in the U.S. where legal workers have sued agricultural employers about intentional wage depression through the use of illegal labor.

Now certified as a class action, the suit represents an estimated 20,000 packing house and orchard workers of Zirkle Fruit Company, based in Selah, Washington and those legal workers hired by Selective Employment Agency to work in Zirkle's packing house operations.

Seattle attorney Steve Berman filed the lawsuit on behalf of three named plaintiffs...

Suits like these will raise the TCO ("Total Cost of Ownership") of illegal alien serfs. Hopefully Berman and lawyers who file similar class actions will clean up and the growers will decide that illegal alien serfs just aren't worth it.



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Who could believe that the groups in the weakest position economically need the most competition. At the same time, could one also say that professionals and other license-protected groups should not be exposed to competition, it might damage their standard of living? Yet officials follow such policies; not just saying that 'we're getting away with it', but in the name of opennness, equality and brotherhood. When it is obvious that the stated goals, such as equality, are instead being damaged, governments say that what they want is diversity. But if the goals can be renamed according to what actually happens, will they say that the real goal is not diversity, but the ruination of our minimum standards?

Excellent news. With Republicats and Demopublicans bidding for illegal alien vote, may be profit motivated trial law-sharks will succeed.