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ESPN Bracketologist, Saint Joseph's University administrator, husband (Pam), father (Emily and Elizabeth) and somewhat better golfer. #Rich2013
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.@ESPNLunardi: sports trivia question. Has anyone ever played a basketball game that #ESPN has not obsessively played? ESPN is like a horror movie trope where the victims get too much of what they want. How about showing some baseball & soccer occasionally?
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.@ESPNLunardi: 2015 Women's World Cup final had higher ratings (15.4) than almost all Final Four finals & NBA finals. Yet, ESPN obsesses over basket. They probably have people playing at 3am so they can show basket on all channels 24/7. Are those the actions of a sane network?
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.@ESPNLunardi: many aren't big basketball fans. Isn't showing hoops 24/7 bad for ESPN & thus you? Show some soccer, baseball, etc. too.