Low Carb, High Liability?

At the same time that McDonald's is radically altering its menu to avoid being a litigation target, some restaurants are offering menu items that might lead to future litigation. For instance, Carl's Jr. is offering a 'Low Carb Breakfast' to Atkins dieters. Just reading that I feel my arteries clogging. It's 900 calories, 660 of which are from fat? 73 grams of fat, of which 33 are saturated? Almost a gram of cholesterol, and over 2 grams of sodium? Crikey! It's almost like a Homer Simpson joke.

What if, instead of their current practice of attacking SuperSizing and the like, greedy lawyers decide to go after the Atkins diet and those who offer low-carb choices?

I have a fairly low opinion of the Atkins diet, but I don't have any scientific proof it's a bad thing. What if a study comes out definitively showing it's bad? Won't that then open those fast food restaurants and other food providers to law suits? Are there potential litigants chomping away at Carl's Jr. and on various other low carb fast food?

The Lonewacko dieting suggestion is simple: eat a fairly traditional balanced diet, just eat less of it. And, just as important, spend a lot of time exercising. If you're very overweight, consider some form of surgery.