August 6, 2001:

Vince, I'd like to talk to you about stopping this right-wing conspiracy to keep senior citizens from getting their prescription drugs. Will you be available at 10am?

Yes, sir.

President Gore! We have an urgent Daily Briefing for you. It's quite disturbing!

Thanks, Ron... Hmmm... This does look quite disturbing. Would you two please excuse me?

[President Gore closes the Oval Office door behind his two guests, and changes into his cape]

Ron, get me the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the phone! Line up all the former Presidents for a briefing at 9:30am! Stat! Get Tenet on the phone! I know there are 70 investigations, but I want 170! This Daily Briefing has opened my eyes to the imminent threat of Saudi terrorists flying airplanes into the WTC and other targets! It's as clear as the nose on your face, Ron! I demand immediate action, stat!

Yes, Sir, Super Al Gore!

Now, excuse me for a moment while I use Astral Projection and Remote Viewing to determine the names and current locations of the hijackers!

Yes, SIR!

* What Would Elected President "Super" Al Gore Have Done?


I always wondered how Gore would have reacted. I think we can check Clinton during the 93 WTC attack for an example: Just about nothing.