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Игopь Кoндpaшoв
Silicon Valley
Записки русского инженера в Кремниевой Долине. Diary of Russian EE in the Silicon Valley.
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From @seanhannity
Bloomberg gets the boot
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From @krt50
@seanhannity Amen time to push back
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From @ToniNoBologny
@seanhannity Why does Bloomberg get a free pass with his Monopoly in the press? When everybody else was made to sev…
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From @I_Kond
@krt50 @seanhannity Trump always was jealous of fellow New Yorker Bloomberg who started from nothing and now is 20…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Point out to #LNYHBT how weak Trump's decision is. He's admitting he's too much of an intellectual weakling to take on Bloomberg reporters. MT @I_Kond [Trump's always been jealous of Bloomberg...] MT @seanhannity [cheers Trump campaign banning Bloomberg reporters]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ToniNoBologny: Trump banning Bloomberg reporters is just like a Dem weakling banning Fox News reporters. Both are admitting they're incredibly weak. We need someone who can take on reporters & show them wrong. Trump is just cowardly running away.