Welcome to BoreAmerica!

BoreAmerica is a new blog that will occasionally monitor AirAmerica (a.k.a. "liberal talk radio") so you don't ever have to.

Sponsored by The Lonewacko Blog, BoreAmerica will be a group effort, and we're looking for contributors.

Contributors must have a blog or at least have published accessible editorial content to a website. Being a contributor shouldn't be that difficult. Simply listen to AirAmerica for a few minutes every once in a while, furiously write down all lies heard, and then post them to the web for the enjoyment of all. The blog will also feature things like AirAmerica satires, news about AirAmerica's contributors and its business dealings, and so forth.

We'll also be holding a contest to find a logo. Something like a radio listener falling asleep or something.

The URL to the blog will be BoreAmerica.com. However, for the next day or so you'll need to use this temporary address: tolstoy.com/boreamerica

If you would like to be considered for contributor status, contact abuse [at] tolstoy [dot] com with the following:

Your posting name/handle/nickname:
The password you want to use:
Your blog's URL: