The Center for Science in its Own Interest?

Calpundit links to the L.A. Times report about a food product called "Quorn." It's a meat substitute brewed in vats out of some space bacteria or caterpillars or something messy and yucky like that:

The product is Quorn, a fungus-based meat substitute that millions of Europeans have eaten for years. It entered the U.S. market in 2002 to rave reviews by consumers, but was quickly met with a dogged anti-Quorn campaign by an influential consumer group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Michael Jacobson, the CSPI's executive director, claims that Quorn, which he derisively terms an "odious" "mold"-based product, makes people ill � and he wants every last nugget expunged from American soil.

He has started a "Quorn complaints" website, published anti-Quorn letters in medical journals and petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to yank the product...

The CSPI's first action against Quorn was to file a deceptive labeling complaint with the FDA. The American Mushroom Institute and Gardenburger, a maker of meatless soy and mushroom patties, enthusiastically joined the protest...

There appears to be some kind of a link between CSPI and Gardenburger, as this article and this point out:

CSPI appears to have an unsavory relationship with Quorn competitor, Gardenburger -- a company that rails against Quorn on its Web site and pesters the FDA.

CSPI regularly promotes Gardenburger products on its Web site and publications.

In the April 1998 issue of its newsletter, for example, CSPI stated: "Remember the saturated fat and the E.coli bacteria that could be hiding inside [a hamburger]? You can keep the taste but forget the worries with Gardenburger."

CSPI recently spotlighted Flame Grilled Hamburger Style Gardenburgers as a "favorite" that "taste like they're hot off the coals."


I first met Michael Jacobson about 30 years ago. He was a prat then; he's a prat now. His constipated view of life is such that no one, anywhere, is permitted to have any enjoyment whatsoever.

In fact, he's such a nanny that I hear he get royalty payments from Mary Poppins.

Are there any Hardy's with smoking sections?