A Bob Graham flashback

This page from almost four years ago has statements about the AgJobs amnesty proposal. It includes this bit from Sen. Bob Graham:

Senator Graham said Congress should pass S. 1814 because nearly half the agriculture workers in the U.S. are here illegally, a situation that causes problems for farmers and farmworkers. He said these workers must receive legal status because "they live in the darkest shadows of our society." Graham also said the current H2A program is too "administratively burdensome" for growers to use when they need to.

Now, flash forward almost four years to this Feb. 1, 2004 post: "Florida Farmworkers Sue Dairy Owned by Family of Sen. Graham Over Wages":

A dairy farm owned by the family of U.S. Sen. Bob Graham [D - FL] is being sued by farmworkers who claim they are not being paid minimum wage.
Attorney Greg Schell, who represents the workers, said the alleged violations of federal law occurred over the past four years and involved as many as 200 workers employed by Graham Farms in Glades County. Graham Farms is a division of The Graham Cos., and the senator is a director of that firm...