Ask Obama questions in Albuquerque on May 14, 2009

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Barack Obama is conducting a town hall on May 14, 2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can sign up for tickets at but you have to do it before 5pm today.

The goal of getting a ticket would be to ask him a tough question designed to make him look bad. It's vitally important to do that in the right way; Glenn Reynolds illustrates how to do things in the wrong, counter-productive way [1].

Instead of doing things the Instapundit way, you have to be smart about this:
1. Only "friendlies" will be called on. So, if you're wearing an "Obama is a Communist" t-shirt, you probably aren't going to be called on.
2. Instead of asking a general question that will only result in a stock response, ask a specific question designed to discredit him. For instance, you can ask him about stimulus jobs being open to illegal aliens or about the DREAM Act. If you have to ask him about financial matters, make absolutely certain that you're familiar with financial matters first and won't ask a question that will simply provoke a stock speech. See our guide to asking tough questions.

[1] Reynolds says "If you get a chance, you might ask him about those ballooning deficits." ( Anyone with a brain knows that will simply result in a stock speech that will take up time and will ultimately help Obama. Obviously, Reynolds can't figure that out.