Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Nazi card against opponents of the massive illegal activity he supports

Ruben Navarrette recounts a recent meeting that Arnold Schwarzenegger held with the San Diego Union Tribune editorial board (link), during which California's corrupt governor said this about those who, unlike him, oppose massive illegal immigration:

"And what we have to do is, we always have to fight that because it's in all of us - prejudice... So what we have to do, since we have a certain level of intelligence, is to look at this and ask, 'Where does this lead when we go and blame certain people?' ...I come from Germany... So I'm a little bit more sensitive about it because it's led to atrocities and all kinds of crimes that were committed just because there were people who fell for it, and they pointed at the Jews, that this is the problem with the economy going down and all those kinds of things. And there were people blamed who were hardworking like everyone else, Germans like everyone else, but they were blamed, and the next thing you know, they were all being executed."

Schwarzenegger is completely, absolutely corrupt and beyond disreputable; no further comment should be necessary, aside from the suggestion that, since he still has Austrian citizenship he should return there instead of continuing to make California even worse.

He also continued to promote illegal activity, talked down to his (nominal) employers, and continued to use a strawman argument:

"I understand the way people think," Schwarzenegger said. "And I don't blame them for the limited amount of information they have. But I think it's very important that we always correct (misinformation) and talk about how the reality works. Because when you get asked, 'Isn't it the illegal immigrants who caused this budget problem and this budget mess and why we have a $24 billion budget crisis?' you've got to go and tell people, 'That is not so.' "

Actually, Schwarzenegger is trying to fool people who have a limited amount of information. Those who are familiar with this topic realize just what sort of a corrupt hack he is. He's also engaging in a strawman argument, pretending that his opponents claim that all of California's woes are due to illegal immigration. In fact, most or all of his opponents correctly realize that illegal immigration has played a major role in those problems. Not only does it increase spending, but it gives more power to the far-left. The far-left - people such as Gil Cedillo or Fabian Nunez and many others - then used their additional power to push for more spending.

(Note also that Navarrette tries to sugarcoat Schwarznegger's playing of the Nazi card and even brings up the Holocaust Museum shooting in his own attempt to support massive illegal activity.)


_"And I don't blame them for the limited amount of information they have..._ How generous of him. Yes, next to Arnie we're all bigoted and ignorant. The exact extent to which illegals are responsible for the deficit would be hard to pin down, I would think. But there can be no question that Hispanics, whether they are here legally or illegally, are disproportionately contributing to California\'s financial problems [1]: _Californians' per capita income will drop 11 percent over the first two decades of this century unless the state closes the educational gap of its expanding Latino population, a nonpartisan research center forecast in a report released today._ And will continue to do so. No question.


The education and the culture and the gang crime have destroyed what was once a great state. Is he deliberately destroying sure seems so.

This article does not explain what illegal activity Arnold is involved in. Is it supposed to be obvious or something? I'm sure he is for massive immigration, but probably wants to make it legal. There is a difference between breaking the law and supporting a change of the law. His "strawman argument" is valid and true, as there are a number of people who believe that the deficit is caused by illegal immigrants. You should tell people, "That is not so." The "Nazi argument" was a common example of ignorance, prejudice, and fear of people, not just a way of saying "If you don't side with me, you are a Nazi." Even if Arnold is a corrupt politician, you probably would not be able to prove it so easily. Part of the national deficit is from helping with housing, employment, and education for new citizens, "illegal" or not. That is what living in the USA is about! If there is a deficit, where else should it come from other than helping individuals from other parts of the world? If that were truly the case, we would probably be better off financially, as other countries would follow our example. That and running people out of their homes so we can live on their land just because we bought it from some bastards who didn't even own it, but that should be saved for another time. How do you expect everyone who wants to live permanently in the United States to be able to pay $350 for each person in their family just to apply, and possibly just get it rejected, with no refund? Look it up yourself! Sounds like they are trying to keep people out unless they have some serious money right off the bat. That's what decides whether or not you even have a chance at being a legal citizen today, not because your government oppresses you, and not because you come from a third world country and want to make something of yourself. To me it seems that they worry about that after you pay them the application fee. We need to work on the deficit that comes from bad business practice in all it's forms, lack of proper education and career preparation, propaganda used to gain revenue(politicians), and crimes committed against others first. We should adjust how much help we give to people from other countries after we deal with the greed of individuals who are already living here, whether they are a politician, a business executive, or a petty criminal. They should know better anyway. If you have a billion dollars, then the national market completely crashes, and the dollar is worth nothing, how much do you have? A billion dollars that can't buy a pencil. Let's focus on problems within ourselves before we pretend that we deserve every luxury that we have, and that if it weren't for other people's hard work, we would not even have many of the good things we have today. Non-profit organizations and volunteers sacrifice their time and money to help the needy help to repair the damages of greed and co

I have worked very hard for the "luxuries" I have. I have no problem with the US helping less fortunate countries, even though often the money goes to corrupt government leaders. (Oil for Food Scandal etc.) But I take exception to an unprecedented influx of peoples to my country to the extent that they are destroying it. How dare they come here and then DEMAND things that Americans WORK hard for....... WAKE UP!!! It's already almost too late as our legislators pander to illegal foreigners who do NOT even belong here and ignore American citizens!