Andrew Sullivan calls on Obama to release his birth certificate

In a move that might help the MSM further unjustly discredit all those who want the truth about the Obama citizenship issue (see that link for our extensive, completely fact-based coverage), Andrew Sullivan now says (

...I see absolutely no reason why Obama himself should not release the actual original document and provide it to the press. The president of the United States, like anyone else in public life, has no "right to privacy" in a matter like this, and there's absolutely no good reason why he should refuse to give the press every conceivable piece of evidence at his disposal to clear up even paranoid conspiracy theories about his birth and eligibility to be president.

A couple of points:
1. He links to the Los Angeles Times blog post ( reposting the same picture of Obama's supposed birth certificate as is available on Obama's FightTheSmears site and says that's convinced him. He doesn't note that FightTheSmears did things like omit an interior sentence of someone's quote - without providing ellipses - in order to smear them. He doesn't note all the other issues with Obama's websites disappearing things. He also doesn't note that anyone can put a picture on a website, and that a picture on a website is not proof of anything.

2. It's not enough for Obama to simply release the "original document", and the "original document" has different meanings. Is it a certified "long form" certificate, or the "certification of live birth" as pictured on his website? And, once release it has to be verified by the issuing agency since reporters aren't document experts and they're going to say whatever Obama tells them to say anyway.

UPDATE: To be precise, it's a "Certification of Live Birth", not a "Certificate of Live Birth".