What Alvin Chang of Vox isn't telling you about doctors and Trump's travel ban

At Vox Media, Alvin Chang offers "How Trump's refugee ban hurts health care in places that voted for him/How much is your community served by doctors trained in one of the banned countries?" [1].

Chang's post discusses the "Immigrant Doctors Project" and, like them, he doesn't even hint at how the goal of that project would harm developing countries. As discussed at the last link, there are very few doctors in Somalia and Yemen, so every time a doctor comes here from one of those countries, that makes the situation in Somalia and Yemen even worse. There are many countries in Africa even worse off than most on the list of travel ban countries.

See skilled immigration for more on the topic, and please tweet @alv9n and ask him why he didn't reveal the huge downsides of his agenda.

[1] vox dot com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/6/14729192/