Alleged al Qaeda operative worked as cab driver in Boston (LPR through marriage, student visa)

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From this:

A Lebanese man who was part of a complex federal investigation into a suspected U.S. terrorist network with ties to al-Qaida is in custody at the El Paso immigration detention center facing deportation, officials have confirmed.

According to court documents, Mohamad Kamal Elzahabi, 44, told the FBI he was a freedom fighter in 1988 and 1989 against the Soviets in Afghanistan, where he also attended a jihad military training camp, provided small-arms instruction and was a sniper.

...Elzahabi caught the attention of authorities in Canada, Minnesota, New York and Massachusetts, who learned he and three other men fought in Afghanistan and all became cab drivers in Boston. Elzahabi has continually denied he was part of a sleeper cell or terrorist group.

"Elzahabi (alias Abu Kamal al Lubnani) stated that he was a Lebanese national who entered the United States in 1984 on a student visa. (He) admitted that he thereafter paid a woman in Houston, Texas, to enter into a marriage with him and help him obtain legal permanent resident alien status," according to a federal complaint filed in Minnesota.


This would not happen were we to institute a ban on Muslim immigration. Only a very small percentage of Muslims are terrorists. But, those here will multiply and only a small amount can create terrible damage. Also, this illustrates why a blanket amnesty is wrong. Legal status and allegiance are very different. FInally, this article makes a great argument for voiding the ability to get citizenship via marriage.

Couldnt agree more! If there is any suspicion whatsoever of any immigrant or whatever the hell they are........they should be stamped "rejected" and shipped back ASAP!