10 things Obama's "Blueprint for an America Built to Last" doesn't tell you (immigration)

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After the State of the Union speech, the Barack Obama administration released a "Blueprint for an America Built to Last" [1]. I'll briefly describe what the section about immigration doesn't tell you. Here's the section of the Blueprint that deals with immigration:

Build a 21st century immigration system and give responsible young people a chance to earn their citizenship: The President recognizes that our immigration system is broken, and is committed to passing comprehensive immigration reform to build a 21st century immigration system that meets our nation's economic and security needs. The President's vision for reform includes continuing to make border security a federal responsibility; holding accountable businesses that break the law by exploiting undocumented workers; making those living in the United States illegally take responsibility for their actions by passing a background check, paying fines, and getting right with the law before they can get on a path to legalization; and creating a legal immigration system that meets our diverse needs. We must also stop expelling talented young people, whether they were brought here by their parents as children or came from other countries to pursue college and advanced degrees.

1. Note that the Obama administration is concerned about the economic welfare of illegal aliens but doesn't say a thing about the economic welfare of those low-wage American workers negatively impacted by illegal immigration. A president who put Americans first - rather than the political power conferred by massive immigration - would recognize the negative impacts of illegal immigration and would mention them. Those impacts are off Obama's radar (do compare this 2008 bill Obama co-sponsored).

2. For the many downsides of comprehensive immigration reform that the White House won't mention, see that link. If Obama won't even acknowledge the downsides of "reform" much less present a plan to deal with them, can you trust in his ability to govern?

3. Obama is promoting (but not by name) the anti-American DREAM Act, a bill that would let illegal aliens deprive some citizens of college. See the link for the details.

4. The last sentence, in addition to the DREAM Act, promotes skilled immigration. See that link for the downsides Obama won't mention.

5. The part about "federal responsibility" appears to be a confusing reference to the Obama administration's lawsuits against states like Arizona. Those states' laws don't really address border security specifically but involve issues away from the border, such as turning illegal aliens over to the Department of Homeland Security. And, those states' laws were passed because the DHS (by design) isn't doing their job.

6. The part about "exploiting undocumented workers" is a variant of the fallacious immigration wage floor argument, see the link.

7. The part about "making those living in the United States illegally take responsibility" is the amnesty require talking point.

8. Obama uses the politically-correct "undocumented workers" euphemism rather than the legally-correct term illegal aliens. He knuckled under to that long ago.

9. The reference to "border security" is partially the issue discussed on the secure the border page.

10. And, finally, Obama uses the system is broken canard; see the link.

See Obama immigration for many of the other ways Obama has attempted to mislead you about this issue.

[1] whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/