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Small-market possible PIIPP spotted - 09/26/04

A possible PIIPP ("pro-illegal immigration puff piece") has been spotted in the Lincoln (NE) JournalStar. Here's the first paragraph of "Dozens rally to support proposed immigration law": Oscar Rios Pohirieth dreads the conversation he's had again and again with some of Lincoln's Hispanic high school students. Yes, it starts like other PIIPPs.

The PIIPP to end all PIIPPs - 09/01/04

As you'll recall, a PIIPP is a "pro-illegal immigration puff piece." It must advocate for illegal immigration and the person to whom we're to feel Sally Struthers-level sympathy for must appear in the first sentence. And, I believe I've spotted the PIIPP to end all PIIPPs in the New York Times.

PIIPP spotted by accident - 08/05/04

I ran across yet another PIIPP ("pro-illegal immigration puff piece"), and it's a classic of the genre.

Which candidate is less "American"? - 08/01/04

Or, to put it a few other ways: Which candidate is less of a "populist?" Which candidate is less likely to relate to "average Americans" and share their concerns? To state it cynically, which candidate is slightly less likely to sell the rest of us out to global elites? And, which candidate makes you yearn more strongly for a viable third party? Bush tries to present a cowboy image, and many...

Kansas City Star: Let U.S. citizens eat cake - 07/21/04

... his windows in support of the DREAM Act. The author of the Knight-Ridder piece is: Steve Painter at (785) 296-3006 or spainter@wichitaeagle.com His editor might be Sherry Chisenhall: schisenhall@wichitaeagle.com

"Twenty-Four Americans Challenge Law, Claiming New Policy Discriminates Against American Citizens" - 07/16/04

TOPEKA, Kan., July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A law suit will be filed on Monday, July 19 in Federal Court in Topeka, Kansas, charging that a new state law permitting illegal aliens to attend Kansas public universities at in-state tuition rates violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment and other federal laws.

Edwards and MALDEF - 07/06/04

Last year, John Edwards spoke to MALDEF, and the speech is here What's interesting is that he's speaking to MALDEF, a far-left group which is not a grass-roots group, but which was founded by the Ford Foundation. In his spe

"Undocumented immigrants [sic] may get help for college" - 06/30/04

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram: College shouldn't be difficult for Joaquin, who mastered Advanced Placement classes in a language he learned only four years ago and recently graduated 12th in his high school class. But paying for it will be. The 19-year-old is an undocumented immigrant.

In his first hundred days, John Kerry would destroy the United States - 06/29/04

This news release from Kerry's campaign explains how: The Kerry Campaign today released the following fact sheet on immigration reform: Today at the National Council of La Raza's annual conference, John Kerry will continue to talk about his plans to open the doors of opportunity and expand access to the American Dream, including reforming America's immigration laws... He will offer a reform bill...

Subsidizing Illegal Immigration - 05/14/04

... similar to the anti-American DREAM Act, which would be national.

How to make "liberals" drop support for the DREAM Act - 04/21/04

... in favor of the anti-American DREAM Act. (Note the URL is at MTV and that the article is basically an advocacy piece.

Even more on the Karl Rove harassment - 03/29/04

Tasty Manatees has a very informative post about the leaders of the NPA harassment of Karl Rove. It turns out that the two leaders mentioned by the WaPo are school teachers. They may have commandeered students and school buses for their stunt, or they may have done it all legal like.

CNN announces new press release service - 03/29/04

CNN has a new feature, and it's free! If you send CNN your press release, they'll weave it into a news story, even if they had a reporter there to report on it himself. Such a deal! Of course, there are a few restrictions. First, your press release must be from a far-left group promoting an "action." Like, oh, say, harrassing Karl Rove chez lui. See 'Group protests outside Rove's house'.

Karl Rove meets his new "voters" - 03/28/04

This is funny, annoying, disturbing, heartening, and shocking all at the same time: Several hundred people stormed the small yard of President Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove, yesterday afternoon, pounding on his windows, shoving signs at others and challenging Rove to talk to them about a bill that deals with educational opportunities for immigrants [sic: it should read "illegal...

Bush admits: "I was wrong about amnesty." - 01/10/04

In a shock admission just released by the White House, President Bush announced that he had changed his mind completely on his recent proposal that would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. "After much deliberation, I've decided to change my mind about my recent proposal," Bush stated. "I realize that the United States is a country of laws, and I refuse to support and encourage law-...

The Great Immigration Debate - 10/26/03

... this 6-month-old post about the DREAM Act. Go there, and enjoy the fun. On a related note, I recently deleted six comment spams advertising Viagra. And here I thought only the third, second, and first-tier blogs were afflicted with that.

"A Washington Bouquet: Hire a Lawmaker's Kid" - 06/22/03

... fils. The internet comments. The DREAM Act. It's time for a challenger who's not an ijit.

The L.A. Times, the DREAM Act, and a jolly good Fisking - 04/29/03

... Times' editorial on Orrin Hatch's DREAM Act (which would give lower college tuition to illegal aliens than to U.S. citizens*) gets a good Fisking here: ...I have no problem with the idea of liberalizing citizenship laws, in and of itself, though again that is the province of the federal government, not the states.