Juliana Barbassa/AP promotes anti-American DREAM Act

Juliana Barbassa of the Associated Press offers a PIIPP entitled "Illegal immigrants find room at colleges":
SAN FRANCISCO – When he started high school, Matias Bernal's English was so limited he stumbled over the words for numbers and colors.

Four years later, he was on the wait list at Princeton.
The article goes on to promote the DREAM Act, an anti-American bill that would take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens and give them to illegal aliens. There have been literally dozens of highly similar articles promoting that bill, and almost all of them - including this current article - have a highly similar structure.

And, all of them are little more than an advertisement for that bill; the current article has 28 paragraphs with just 2 paragraphs dedicated to just one of the downsides of the bill. Those two paragraphs are nestled between heartwarming tales of struggling "immigrants" and the news that state legislators have recently passed laws "cracking down on foreigners".

Clearly, the AP has little interest in reporting the news or doing in-depth analysis. Since the AP itself is a lost cause, I'd suggest writing to a few of the papers that printed this propaganda with your thoughts:

dsimon *at* mercurynews.com
reader.advocate *at* sltrib.com
jfutchpt *at* aol.com


thank you eh, the reason why this shit is happening is for the evil ideals of the north american union, the deal is made and the collapse of freedom and laws and right and wrong is coming with the economic planned collapse.

what will you do? by the way the best students mean the ones that will do as told to do without any real ideals of right and wrong. anti-american ideals are normal place in washington and in all areas of power inside the system of evil.

Some universities, including the University of California system, have publicly supported the measure, saying they are interested mainly in getting the best students they can, whatever their immigration status.

Of course this part is utter crap.