PIIPP spotted by accident

I ran across yet another PIIPP ("pro-illegal immigration puff piece"), and it's a classic of the genre. Not only is it a virtual advertisement for the DREAM Act, and not only does it mention only one minor dissent, it features a quote from the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

From the April 21, 2004 Brownsville (TX) Herald's "Group rallies in support of Dream Act":

Even with her new high school diploma, Lupita Rojas' future will take her back to the fields where she used to pick tomatoes, she said as she cradled her baby.

Six more PIIPPs are provided starting here. When you compare the first sentence of each article you will be amazed. Finding all of these PIIPPs required almost no work; one can only wonder how many I could find if I started actively searching for them.


There is a propaganda offensive for immigration underway, and it has been going on long enough to have acquired the formula approach of a sub-genre. I wonder if schools of journalism have courses on it. If you ever read the NYT, you would find a lot of examples. Compare your specimens to the NYT's 'neediest cases' stories; they start off the same way, with an appeal to a mentality which is unable to transcend the concrete instance. They try to tell you how to feel.