In his first hundred days, John Kerry would destroy the United States

This news release from Kerry's campaign explains how:

The Kerry Campaign today released the following fact sheet on immigration reform:

Today at the National Council of La Raza's annual conference, John Kerry will continue to talk about his plans to open the doors of opportunity and expand access to the American Dream, including reforming America's immigration laws...

He will offer a reform bill in his first 100 days that allows immigrants to earn legalization, encourages family reunification, and strengthens our border protections...

As President, John Kerry will make it a priority to make the DREAM Act the law of the land...

As President, John Kerry will make [the AgJobs amnesty bill] a reality...

In his first hundred days, John Kerry will also offer a comprehensive immigration reform bill with four basic components. And Kerry will work tirelessly until reform has become law.

Earned Legalization. Under John Kerry's approach, undocumented workers who have lived and worked here for 5 years, who pay taxes, and who are successfully screened for security purposes will have a path to citizenship. Kerry will also expand opportunities to learn English and obtain civic education classes to help immigrants assume all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Reuniting Families. Kerry will eliminate the massive administrative backlog and delay that has left many families unnecessarily divided for a decade or more. Our Nation's immigration system must be able to more quickly reunite husbands with wives, parents with children. Legal permanent residents seeking to reunify with spouses and children must be provided a fair and efficient process to do so.

Visa Program with Worker Protections. Kerry will establish a secure channel for a limited number of temporary workers to come into the United States. To protect all working people in the United States, Kerry will ensure that these temporary workers have the protections of U.S. employment and labor laws, including fair wage protections. These protections must be rigorously enforced.

Stronger Border Security. As an integral part of his reform, John Kerry will reach an accord with neighboring countries to improve security along our borders and stop illegal smuggling. He will improve our nation's security databases and watchlists and better control the borders to ensure that people who intend to harm us cannot cross our borders.

The AgJobs amnesty will, like all other amnesties, reward illegal behavior and encourage millions more illegal aliens to come here. Kerry's broader amnesty would have an even worse effect.

The DREAM Act would take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens and give them to citizens of other countries.

Any lip service Kerry pays to future enforcement of immigration laws should be considered through the lens of history. For instance, the 1986 amnesty was supposed to be conditioned on stringent enforcement. However, those enforcement provisions were gutted by Teddy Kennedy. How are we going to ensure that Kerry's enforcement provisions aren't gutted by his friends on the far left?

Any weakness in our immigration policy - and that's exactly what Kerry's position is - will embolden our "friends" south of the border. If we can't stand up to corrupt third-world governments now, we certainly would not be able to under Kerry's plans.

This report has an excerpt from Kerry's speech:

"It is time to fulfill the promise of America, so that those who work hard and take responsibility and build a better life for them and their families, and live by the rules [*], and pay their taxes and raise their families have a right to share in America and its citizenship in the fullest," the Democratic candidate for president said...

* Except for that minor bit about a) entering or residing here illegally, b) no doubt working here illegally, and c) no doubt using false and thus illegal documents here. Just a few minor points. Oh, and remember to register to vote when you get your driver's license.


i can not believe what you people are saying. that just shows how much ignorant people try to put other people down just because they try to have a better life for them and their families, U make it seem like its the end of the world or something God get a damn life!

This is an incredibly traitorous proposal; it would be like putting up a white flag on every fence post of the border. How could our enemies not notice it, and not be greatly emboldened by it? These candidates don't realize that there are a lot of loyal citizens here, even if the professoriate is disloyal. We should be pro-citizen, and not sink into the moral odium of the treasonous.