Vicente Fox to visit colonies, meet with Alta California legislators

Vicente Fox of Mexico is starting a whirlwind tour of the U.S. today which will conclude on Friday. The apparent goal of the tour is to help immigration "reform". However, as with the illegal alien marches, he will end up helping the American side.

He'll be in Utah for three days, then he goes to California. While in Utah he'll meet with Gov. John Huntsman, a supporter of Bush's amnesty scheme. He will also meet with leaders of the Mormon Church which is, unfortunately, like the Catholic Church a strong supporter of illegal immigration. (See also: Western Governors Association wants "guest" worker program and Utah's problem with "American" politicians).

He'll also travel to Washington state to meet with no doubt illegal aliens at farms.

Then, it's off to Alta California where he'll have a closed-door meeting with Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles. He'll also meet with Arnold as well as Mayor Reconquista himself, Antonio Villaraigosa.

Here's an example of the "thanks for your help, Vicente":
"The Mexican government wants to do its part to promote an immigration reform," Fox's spokesman Ruben Aguilar said in a Monday news conference. "Meeting with the Mexican community in these states, this Mexican government wants to show its total support for the defense of the their labor and human rights."
Maybe he could lead a march through our streets waving his country's flag just for good measure.

UPDATE: From this:
Kicking off a four-day, three-state tour, Mexican President Vicente Fox said Tuesday that his nation wants to be part of the solution in the immigration debate, not the problem.

"We don't set up walls, and that's not the way you're going to fix this situation," Fox said in Spanish to representatives of groups active in Utah's Mexican community. "It's not with fences that we are going to solve this problem."

There were cheers of "Viva Mexico" as Fox shook hands before leaving for an official dinner at the governor's mansion...

..."The future of North America must guarantee great competitiveness, greater regional security, greater availability of energy, greater trade exchanges and, naturally, a greater well-being for all of its inhabitants," said Fox, who is also scheduled to visit Washington state and California this week.

He spoke of the steps he has taken to strengthen the Mexican economy and the democratization of his country...
The phrase "North America" is a bit of a secret code. While most will think he's refering to the space on the map with Mexico, the U.S., and Canada, he's actually referring to things like the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America", a precursor to joining those three nations into one superstate. It's even got its own site:

Compare that with this 2002 Vicente Fox speech:
Eventually, our long-range objective is to establish with the United States, but also with Canada, our other regional partner, an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union, with the goal of attending to future themes as important as the future prosperity of North America, and the freedom of movement of capital, goods, services and persons.
UPDATE 2: From this:
[Fox told the crowd:] "Even though you are far from Mexico, you are an integral part of Mexico... We will never forget you. We love you... ...Over there, we wait for you with open arms... Your family is over there. Your family that appreciates and loves you. Your home is over there."

...Utah Atty. Gen. Mark Shurtleff, a conservative Republican who just won reelection, choked up as he praised Mexican traditions in fluent Spanish.

"It's a culture that shows the importance of family, in which parents teach and care for children," Shurtleff said to cheers. "It's a culture that teaches by example the importance of labor and work. These are values that, unfortunately, we are losing here in my country."

...Fox on Tuesday praised Huntsman and the state government for being one of the few in the U.S. to allow illegal immigrants to pay the same tuition at public universities as legal residents, and for providing otherwise undocumented immigrants with cards that function as driver's licenses...
Shurtleff should reconsider his citizenship options, because he's clearly in the wrong country.


looks like the head drug dealer is coming to set his boys right inside the former USA, What Fox is really here for is to get all his people in line for the coming big kill of the people inside the former USA.

Fox knows people here will not fight back and like all good little drug dealers and gang memebers he needs to tell who is who and where people stand, he will meet only with the head mexican inside the new idea called Aztlan! AND THE DEAL Is done for amnesty and isn't it funny how much the so called catholic church love this shit Fox, But bush loves fox much more for his own reasons, sad to say reconqista is here and now and many of you will get what that means soon, sad to say.

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What does non-"liberal" mean? The quotes make it appear that you're being facetious. It's called grammar, people.