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Jason Russell
Washington, D.C.
Contributors Editor for @DCexaminer. I write about education, budgets, miscellaneous. @UofR alum. Pure Michigan. I tweet about sports, too.
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.@gcornish1991: re @JRussellMI post about deportations, he isn't credible. It wouldn't cost that much, plus:
MT .@JRussellMI: Here's why mass deportation isn't a financially viable option washex . am/1E3Wohj via @dcexaminer #immigration
@JRussellMI (cont) overly generalized, and reductive. You're too smart for that, leave that to the crazies on both sides of the aisle!
@JRussellMI disagree. Have you read pre-Stalin communist ideas? Stalin really perverted it into how we view communism today.
@JRussellMI authoritarianism or totalitarianism? Subtle, yet v important diff. Words matter, you as a writer should always keep that in mind
@JRussellMI no! but it would be wrong if he killed someone to say that communism, an econ and social system, murdered that person.
.@JRussellMI which shouldn't be a problem, given that communism =/= Soviet Union =/= Stalinism, but hey, I'm only a russian studies major.