Article promoting anti-American DREAM Act covers some downsides

The article "Tests illegals can't pass" is yet another article promoting Orrin Hatch's anti-American DREAM Act. That Act would give discounted college educations to illegal aliens. Out-of-state U.S. citizens would continued being forced to pay the full price. Of course, under no circumstances should a citizen of another country be given a better deal than a U.S. citizen, but some people - far-lefties as well as corrupt politicians - remain unclear on that commonsense concept. The current article is a bit different from others that promotes that Act, as it includes a few of the downsides and it's not as weepy as the others:
The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act forbade states from granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants based on residency because those students would be paying less than out-of-state U.S. citizens...

...some [NJ] colleges are allowing undocumented students to pay the lower in-state tuition, apparently violating federal law...

...[out of several others, the reporters found two pro-American colleges:] William Paterson University and the County College of Morris reject all applications from undocumented students...

...Partha Banerjee, executive director of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network, says the few four-year colleges that grant in-state tuition to illegal students - three of 10 - probably "just don't know or they are just not following" the federal rules. He says he's concerned that "once they find out this is something they cannot do, then perhaps they will stop doing it," and that would further harm the immigrant students...
Quick! No one tell them they're violating federal law.
..."People who are here illegally should not benefit on the backs of taxpayers," says Assemblyman Michael Carroll, R-Morristown. "Far from being welcomed with a discount, [they] should be evicted immediately."...

...State officials worry that an influx of students suddenly able to afford college might strain a system already filled to capacity. For the class entering last fall, the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education says, its four-year public schools received 88,467 applications but enrolled only 15,912 freshmen...

"We have huge capacity needs; we are short of space," says Jean Oswald, the commission's executive director. "If thousands more of these undocumented students are able to go to college because they can afford it, it absolutely will knock more of the legal people out..."
Obviously, there's only a limited number of available slots, and none of those should go to anyone who's here illegally. Obviously, there are some who don't see it that way. They would be willing to allow a citizen of another country to take the spot of a U.S. citizen. Of course, a small number of those people aren't necessarily un-American: they just haven't thought about this enough.
Immigration advocates [sic; make that "illegal immigration advocates"] insist that opportunities for achieving students, legal and illegal alike, should be based on merit.

But others argue it is wrong to secure a college slot for an illegal immigrant, particularly at the expense of a legal resident.

"A college might admit the undocumented student on merit," Oswald says, "but the bottom line is that some residents will say, 'Why should my daughter compete for a college spot against someone who is illegal?' "
Now, come the scare tactics:
"Those who create obstacles for immigrant students will find that in the end they will have a bigger problem," says Rafael Fraguela, the principal at The Learning Center in Passaic and a former vice principal of Passaic High. "Instead of spending more money on education, they will have to spend more money on prisons and on fighting gang violence.
Well, the cure for that is to prevent illegal immigrants from coming here in the first place. That way everyone discussed above wouldn't be an issue.



The fact is that youths raised in america will stay in america becouse the american way is all that they know. Now the question is, do we want them to fall into the socioeconomic slums of our society? No of course not that would increase poverty and promote all sorts of negative things, nothing good will come from it. The only chance these so called "illegal" students have is to get an education. Validictorians, class presidents, and future positive contributers to our society will continue to have a much more difficult time acheiving their dreams and goals if this act is not passed. The fact is that America was founded on deversity and the belief that every person is entitled to equal rites and opportunities even if they are from another country. If it were up to 99.9% of illegal students I can guarantee that they would become leagal citizens, but unfortunatly it is very difficult to acheive this status in the United States of America. As a Matter of Fact being an American Citizen doesnt mean Sh#t, becouse I am a citizen and I did absolutly nothing to earn it, so tell me how it is fair that some one like me who has done nothing to earn an advantage over these "illegal" students should have a distinct advantage over them. In fact they should have the advantage over me becouse it would help pull immigrant economic classes up. Now that would be an example of self sacrifice for the benefit of my country whats wrong with that!

It is great that you, the "great people of america" are so concerned of who gets what from this great country. Who ever said an illegal immigrant child wants to destroy an american child's dream? If you really think about it, some of your so called "american children are so lazy they do not take advantage of what this great country has to offer. These american children are too concerned with pop-culture, like fashion, music, television and who slept with who from school, that they do not focus on what's really important, their education. Everything is given to them in a silver platter that if they don't make it into college they'll have nothing to worry about, afterall, they will probably just sponge-off their parents untill they choose what to do with their lives. On the other hand, these so called "dream stealers", only want to be given the chance of a better education, a better life and they do not want to take nothing from anybody. But hey, if you were an illegal immigrant you would probably do the same thing, you should be happy you have the opportunities these people don't have.

this is so true

Just because you are a legal citizen of the United States makes you a better person than an illegal one?? Why shouldn't a child raised in America, and who's values are based upon American ones, be denied the right to an education to better their lives?? Do you suggest that illegal children be deported to their impoverished countries, where they know no one, where they would probably lead miserable lives and where they aren't accustomed to, so that your tuition is lower? I am not an illegal immigrant, and I am applying to colleges, and I am in great need of financial assistance, but I still believe it is unfair that illegal immigrants are being forced out of an education. I believe that many opponents of the DREAM Act are racist people who can't stand the possibility of a minority being on their level. It's not about fighting terrorism, or lowering tuition costs, its about being racist and being selfish, like too many Americans are. What's the difference between an American child and a child who was raised here all his/her life, but just happens to have arrived here through illegal means? Americans talk about helping others out, and being a great country, but yet we wont help the people in our own nation out, but yet we go to war with countries that don't ask for our assistance, that repeatedly demonstrate that we are unwanted. How about we redirect that money to education? The DREAM Act will help so many people, and keep so many children out of gangs and other bad situations. Think of all the positive that would come out of this act.

The Dream Act grants the dream of an illegal immigrant child and destroys the dream of an American child. After all, the only a lot of students can afford to go to college at all is to go in-state. And more and more American children are choosing to go to college in-state, due to the high cost of a college education. And the costs keep going up. Why should an American child suffer because of the actions of an illegal immigrant in bringing their children over the border. It is not the fault of the illegal immigrant's child, but it sure as hell is not the fault of the American child. And the American child is the one who will pay the price if this Dream Act is passed. My God, now they are sacrificing America's children.

What is generally missing in these stories about how we should give in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants is that illegal immigrants cannot be LEGALLY employed anywhere in the US. Why would we stiff a citizen in their favor?!