Jeff Gannon, real reporter?

One of America's finest legislators, John Conyers, has released the results of an FOIA request concerning exposed gay person and alleged fake journalist Jeff Gannon, a.k.a. James Guckert. It appears he visited the White House many times without signing in or signing out each time. The usual suspects weigh in.

Whatever the status of the current case, and whatever the status of the supposed softball questions he directed at Scott McClellan, let's see if we can find an example of some real reporting done by Gannon-Guckert.

Just about a year ago, a mob organized by the National People's Action Coalition surrounded Karl Rove's house and banged on his windows in favor of the DREAM Act.

Shortly after that, the article "Officials Silent on Taxpayer-Funded Siege of Rove Home" appeared in Talon News. Their site has apparently been deleted, but you can read a copy at that link:
...The incident resulted in no arrests or charges against the group or its leaders, despite the trespassing and threatening acts against the presidential advisor. No permit was issued for the demonstration that blocked the street for more than an hour... A spokesman for the Secret Service directed Talon News to the Washington, DC Police for comment, but Second District Commander Jeffrey Moore did not respond to a request for information or comment... The White House was reluctant to issue any kind of statement... Last week, Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan told Talon News, "I would just say that we appreciate and understand concerns that people may have. I would certainly hope that people would respect the families of White House staff."
Obviously, it's not at the level of, say, Dan Rather getting beaten up in Chicago or hanging on to a wind-blown lamp post in Florida. But, it did require making a couple phone calls, and that's more real reporting than most bloggers can ever claim to having done.

UPDATE: "Dan Rather getting beaten up in Chicago" referred to this:
Rather says one of the more interesting campaign events he covered was the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. Rather was knocked down while reporting from the convention floor. "Don't push me," Rather said from the convention floor. "Take your hands off me unless you plan to arrest me!"

"I'm sorry to be out of breath, but somebody belted me in the stomach during that," said Rather, in his report. "What happened is a Georgia delegate, at least he had a Georgia delegate sign on, was being hauled out of the hall. We tried to talk to him to see why, who he was, what the situation was, and at that instant the security people, well as you can see, put me on the deck. I didn't do very well."



Obviously, it's not at the level of, say, Dan Rather getting beaten up in Chicago
You're conflating two separate incidents in Mr. Rather's illustrious career. He was beaten up in NYC("what's the frequency Kenneth?"). In Chicago he claimed a cabdriver tried to abduct him when he was on his way to interview Studs Terkel.

Here I thought liberals were tolerant people.

I think you and Gannon/Guckert - the self-hating gay prostitute bush shill have a lot in common.