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SEIU wants a massive illegal alien amnesty for all - 01/18/07

... has announced its "agenda for comprehensive immigration reform" by sending a "detailed letter" to Teddy Kennedy, which, of course, is preaching to the choir: The letter identified core reform principles to which SEIU is committed, including legalization, a new worker program, labor and civil rights law enforcement, family backlog reduction, and border security.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007: S9 - 01/17/07

... Senate Bill 9 (S.9, S9), the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007".

Gabrielle Giffords' first immigration speech - 01/13/07

... a sense of urgency to pass a comprehensive immigration reform package that's tough, effective, and practical. (Here, Gabby is expecting the word "tough" to shine like a diamond in a lump of something or other. Of course, those "in the know" know that "comprehensive immigration reform" means a massive amnesty, but many of her constituents will only hear "tough". And, those "in the know" also...

Fight the AgJobs amnesty (precursor to full amnesty) - 01/11/07

As previously discussed, yesterday various amnesty supporters in the House and Senate reintroduced the AgJobs bill that would give amnesty to up to 1.5 million illegal alien farmworkers. In addition to the names previously mentioned: Last year's chairman of the House immigration subcommittee, Indiana Republican John Hostetler, staunchly opposed guest-worker bills. He was not re-elected in...

Feinstein, Larry Craig to push AgJobs (illegal alien farmworker amnesty) - 01/09/07

Garance Burke of the AP swallows grower propaganda till, tractor, and plow in "California farmers gear up to champion new guest worker bill". She also reveals that CA Senator Dianne Feinstein and Idaho Senator Larry Craig will be introducing a new farmworker amnesty scheme tomorrow. It appears to be a new version of AgJobs, and: The bill would create a pilot program allowing people who have...

Fred Barnes, Morton Kondracke support illegal immigration, again - 01/03/07

For future reference, Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke - stars of the Fox News Channel's "Beltway Boys" - said this on their year-end wrap-up: Kondracke: "Our 'Dumbest Move' award of the year is Republicans trashing immigrants. And this - this has disastrous consequences for the, in the election. The Hispanic vote, which is the fastest-growing element of the population, went 55 to 42 percent...

Tom Brokaw, pro-illegal immigration hack - 12/26/06

Tonight, Tom Brokaw is hosting "In the Shadow of the American Dream" on NBC. As a preview, he offers "Indisputable points in the immigration debate" (also here).

LULAC, Democratic Party, other illegal immigration supporters call for moratorium on deportations (Part 2) - 12/22/06

... a halt to deportations until "comprehensive immigration reform" was passed.

Illegal aliens, supporters call for moratorium on deportations (LULAC) - 12/22/06

... deportations until such time as "comprehensive immigration reform" is passed. First up is the noxious League of United Latin American Citizens and their national president Rosa Rosales.

Swift slabs of pro-illegal immigration propaganda - 12/19/06

... support the Democrats and the "comprehensive immigration reform" with which they're linked, or out of ethnic solidarity.

PBS NewsHour's Soviet-style immigration coverage - 12/13/06

The PBS NewsHour is no longer an accurate source of information on immigration but is now simply a Soviet-style propaganda source.

"Declaration of Los Angeles" (city council-approved pro-illegal immigration resolution) - 12/13/06

... on their past statements - is "comprehensive immigration reform". According to the release, the Declaration also condemns "xenophobic rhetoric... especially about Latino immigration". As above, their definition of "xenophobia" is what others call "opposition to massive illegal immigration". They also oppose "vigilante civilian patrol groups creating the potential for violence and an atmosphere...

Swift packing immigration raid conducted; send Bush a cookie! - 12/13/06

Yesterday ICE conducted the latest in a series of what are most likely show immigration raids, this time of Swift & Co.'s meatpacking plants in various cities. A roundup is here.

Los Angeles Times backs Richardson's opposition to border fence - 12/08/06

The Los Angeles Times offers the unsigned editorial (perhaps written by Andres Martinez) "Off the fence", which discusses New Mexico governor Bill Richardson's immigration speech. They call it "thoughtful" and a "rebuke to Republican immigrant bashers". Obviously, that's muddled thinking, but that's what you expect from the LAT.

WashTimes: Congress might pass amnesty - 12/04/06

The article "Congress open to passing bill on immigration" doesn't exactly live up to its ominous headline, offering only a few quotes, including this from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT): "Years of dawdling have worsened our border security and made it harder to fix this broken system... We should not let partisan politics and intolerance continue to delay and derail effective reform...

Do polls show support for "comprehensive immigration reform"? - 11/21/06

... incomplete polls do show support for "comprehensive immigration reform". The latest such poll is crowed about by Reuters, which is your first clue that there's something wrong: Most Americans believe illegal immigrants should be allowed to become guest workers and eventually U.S.

Signs of Delusion in New York Times Immigration Editorial - 11/20/06

... "Democrats and Bush can work to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform', but they need to tread lightly" variety. While not explicitly engaging in the other now-standard canard that J. D.

Bush's "Million Mexicans a Month" Plan - 11/19/06

... assured the president-elect that comprehensive immigration reform is something I believe needs to happen." Under the Bush plan, the U.S. will move its security perimeter to Mexico's southern border.

Are you a "Bush Conservative"? - 11/17/06

"Bush Conservative" is the new, not-nearly-as-pejorative name for what is refered to in the literature as "Bushbotism". One of the chief symptoms of this affliction is a very strong ability to believe strongly in an idea despite massive contradictory evidence: Bush is a down-home Texas cowboy despite being a part of the Northeast liberal elite, Bush has secured or will secure the border despite...

Arlen Specter wants "comprehensive immigration reform" this year - 11/17/06

Yesterday Roll Call offered the subscriber-only "Specter to Take Another Stab at Immigration Bill Before Year Ends", which is excerpted here: After meeting privately with Sens.

Boston Herald wants to "resolve immigration reform" - 11/17/06

The Boston Herald offers a canard-laden editorial called "Time to resolve immigration reform" (link). Like others, they cautiously think this is a good opportunity for the Democrats and Bush to find common ground: But many Democratic leaders do share with the Bush administration a vision for a temporary guest worker program for the people who keep the wheels of our shadow economy moving - while...

Amnesty supporter Mel Martinez to head Republican National Committee - 11/13/06

Florida Senator Mel Martinez will be the new head of the Republican National Committee ("RNC"), sources say.

Fred "Shifty Eyes" Barnes on comprehensive immigration reform - 11/12/06

... results mean that voters want "comprehensive immigration reform".

Amnesty proponents can't be trusted (Democrats waver on border fence) - 11/11/06

... the clearest arguments against "comprehensive immigration reform" (aka a massive amnesty) is that the new laws would be enforced in the same manner as the current laws: only when necessary and unwillingly so. This amnesty will fail in the same ways as the 1986 amnesty, and the same forces that oppose enforcement now will continue to oppose enforcement, and they'll have even more power as a...

"House GOP's immigration strategy no 'magic bullet'" - 11/10/06

... Hayworth losses = support for "comprehensive immigration reform" post, but, because it contains some more in-depth analysis in addition to the meme it's in its own post. ...Republicans were unable to turn the immigration issue into a winner on Tuesday thanks in large part to their opponents' abilities to support comprehensive reform and yet still cast themselves as "me-too border hawks" who...

Chris Cannon, Howard Berman promote immigration "reform" compromise - 11/09/06

... unique opportunity [to pass 'comprehensive immigration reform']," said Rep. Howard L. Berman, California Democrat, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee and a leader on the issue. Berman also signed on to the Graf/Hayworth meme. Then, they quote Rep.

Meme: Graf, Hayworth losses = support for "comprehensive immigration reform" - 11/09/06

... Arizona mean that voters want "comprehensive immigration reform". The quickest example of how that's wrong is presented by the fact that no less than four anti-illegal immigration propositions in Arizona passed by wide margins. And, in Graf's case he got shafted by the national GOP (whose contributors would have lost money if he'd won).

Bush reluctantly promotes immigration "reform" at Rumsfeld press conference - 11/08/06

... Democrats' win would enable "comprehensive immigration reform" came in and weren't favorable. Announcing Donald Rumsfeld's resignation/"resignation" earlier today, this is what our lame duck president had to say (whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/11/20061108-2.html): Q Thank you, Mr. President. On immigration, many Democrats had more positive things to say about your comprehensive proposal than...

I for one welcome our new Democratic overlords - 11/08/06

... president will be pushing for "comprehensive immigration reform". Will the Dems go along? Not too many Dems came right out and said they were for amnesty. Some basically lied and played word games. Despite the siren calls from TV pundits like Fareed Zakaria and others, most Dems probably realize that most Americans do not want amnesty. And, the Dems will want to maintain their power past 2008.

Tony Snow looks on bright side of House loss: it will lead to immigration "reform" - 11/07/06

... opportunities, such as passing comprehensive immigration reform which failed in the previous Republican House."

Fred Barnes: paid to promote immigration "reform"? - 11/07/06

... indicates voter support for "comprehensive immigration reform". The only problem was he looked like he knew he was lying. In fact, he looked like a paid shill who had been given a certain line to read.

Please read this before voting - 11/07/06

If terrorists are able to infiltrate the U.S. and carry out attacks, few other issues on the table in this election will matter. Every proposal that groups of voters support - from lower taxes to universal healthcare - is predicated on the internal security of the U.S. Protecting the U.S. from attacks at home should be the first priority of all of our political leaders, but unfortunately it is...

What Senator Bob Menendez is saying behind your back (illegal immigration, ethnic solidarity) - 11/04/06

Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey delivered the Democratic Hispanic Radio Address today, and here's part of what he said: Good morning. This is Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey. This coming Tuesday, November 7, Latinos can make the difference in elections across the country. We have the ability to make our voices heard and vote for those who respect our rights and will look out for our best...

Chris Cannon: few endorsements; SLT for Burridge, his "comprehensive" opponent - 11/02/06

... Burridge has this to say: We need comprehensive immigration reform. This means strict enforcement of illegal hiring practices. Also, employers should have access to Internet-based technology to verify the identity of those they hire. When we get unlawful activity out in the open it is easier to regulate and enforce our borders. "Comprehensive" reform means a bit more than that: it's simply a...

Debbie Stabenow voted for Social Security for former illegal aliens - 10/31/06

This site reprints a press release from the Michigan Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. On May 18, 2006 Senator Debbie Stabenow cast the deciding vote to kill an amendment, No. 3985, to the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill S.2611. That amendment would have prevented illegal aliens from collecting Social Security benefits on wages earned using fraudulent numbers.

Bush signs border fence bill; on to "comprehensive immigration reform"! - 10/26/06

Our president George Bush has signed the "Secure Fence Act", which might result in 700 miles worth of fencing on the Mexican border. A White House fact sheet is at whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/10/20061026-1.html In case it wasn't clear already, that "fact sheet" shows that the fence is just an excuse to get what Bush really wants.

Bill Winter on immigration - 10/23/06

Bill Winter is running for Congress against Rep. Tom Tancredo. Like other Democrats, he supports the Senate amnesty, and thus everything said about that horrible bill applies. Moreover, his page on immigration has several questionable or misleading statements: 1. His page twice refers to the "INS", an agency that hasn't existed since March 2003.

The Case of Elvira Arellano - 10/07/06

... Durbin said in a statement. "Only comprehensive immigration reform can permanently remedy this situation." Obama made took a similar line. "I don't feel comfortable carving out an exception for one person when there are hundreds of thousands of people just in the Chicago region alone who would want a similar exemption," he said in a speech.

Tamar Jacoby shows possible fence folly - 10/02/06

One of the major problems with the recent border fence bill is that supporters of "comprehensive" reform will hide behind the fence in order to push through their "reform". They'll say something like, "now that you've got your fence, give us our amnesty". Or, for instance, they'll say something like, "Real immigration reform will vault over border fence".