Swift hearing: Chertoff, Allard, Hatch, Klobuchar, Coleman, Harkin, Grassley

A bipartisan group of Senators will be holding a hearing on Monday to discuss the Swift & Company immigration raids.

Wayne Allard leads the confab, with help from: Orrin Hatch, Norm Coleman, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Harkin, Charles Grassley, and John Cornyn. Allard gets a B grade for recent immigration stances, and spoke out in favor of the raids. Although little information is available other than the very short AP blurb, I tend to suspect they'll offer a chance for many pro-amnesty Senators to, basically, whine.

Michael Chertoff will make an appearance and will almost certainly put in some good words for "comprehensive immigration reform".


the so called senators should be holding a hearing on the madrassa guy Barack Obama to find out how he got the money to run for the office and ask questions about who sent him here, was it bin laden? don't be hoodwink, the system is a joke. the senators are all looking for a place in the global sun, of the coming new world order.

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What is there to discuss? Except maybe why it didn't happen sooner and why similar raids don't take place elsewhere and more often.