Bush State of the Union Address 2007

[UPDATE: Live-blogging here; additional note here.]

On Tuesday, this site will be discussing Bush's State of the Union Address. Rather than actually watching it, we'll look for an unembargoed copy and discuss that.

Slightly surprisingly, Bush has decided to keep digging and will - according to Billy House of the AZ Republic - make "comprehensive immigration reform" one of the "main themes" of the speech. The speech will supposedly be Schwarzeneggerian, with Bush emphasizing bipartisanship. Per Tony Snow:

"He's going to lay a way forward for Democrats and Republicans to work together on the issues that are atop the stated concerns for all Americans... So, if you talk about those in a way that gives both parties an opportunity to work together and achieve success, that's a good and important thing."


How about some truth in advertising? This won't be the state of the union speech. It will be a repeat sales pitch from mexico's best foreign lobbyist, jorge boosh. What new twist will the salesman give us this time? Nothing new, just more of the same AMNESTY cr*p.

Jorge, go back to mexico where you belong. America, elect a patriotic AMERICAN citizen from your ranks next time. What an embarrasment this traitor has been. Can't wait for 2008.

Oklahoma Professor says ALL people in Ok. should be aable to vote, just as they did during Territorial days before statehood....

Of course this is posted on Aztlan news...