Swift packing immigration raid conducted; send Bush a cookie!

Yesterday ICE conducted the latest in a series of what are most likely show immigration raids, this time of Swift & Co.'s meatpacking plants in various cities. A roundup is here. "Liberals"/illegal immigration supporters weigh in with more links here and here.

The last link even has a stern condemnation from Teddy Kennedy (D-Grand Marnier):

"I am deeply disturbed by the reports I have received today about the actions taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to apprehend individuals and cart them away for processing without any opportunity to assert their rights or contact their families and attorneys. These men and women are simply workers and not terrorists or dangerous criminals and they should not be treated as such. No one denies the need for additional enforcement at the border and at US worksites. We support efforts by ICE officials to enforce our immigration laws, but do not condone enforcement efforts that mistreat workers and violate their legal rights... Comprehensive immigration reform is good for our economy and our security, and it's consistent with our values and our heritage as a nation of immigrants. Today's enforcement action is the most recent reminder that our immigration system is irreparably broken and needs to be urgently fixed."

The cities include Greeley, Colorado (home of Swift), Grand Island (Nebraska), Cactus (Texas), Hyrum (Utah), Marshalltown (Iowa) and Worthington (Minnesota).

Marshalltown has a Gov. Tom Vilsack link. Grand Island has a tangential link to former Nebraska governor (and current Ag Secretary) Mike Johanns.

Cactus was the subject of a three-part series from the Dallas Morning News; the last is here and the first is here.

If I seem blase, it's because I am. Whatever the motivations behind these raids, they're too little too late. And, they may have been conducted as an attempt to show that the Bush administration is serious about enforcement, as a way of getting "comprehensive immigration reform". There's probably very little chance that Teddy Kennedy and Bush were actively colluding on the raid, but both are serving the same master: "comprehensive immigration reform" (i.e., a massive amnesty).

Such raids need to be encouraged, but the Bush administration also needs to know that we're on to what is most likely a game they're playing. My original thought was to send a cookie to the White House as a bit of positive enforcement, but that's probably not a good idea.

However, perhaps some brave soul could send the White House a McDonalds gift certificate. Apparently the smallest amount you can get online is a $5 book with five certificates, although one of their restaurants might have smaller denominations. I'd suggest sending the smallest coupon possible (preferably something good for only an ice cream cone or half a McRib or something), thanking them for their however belated attempts to enforce our laws. And, informing them in the most condescending-but-polite terms possible that if they keep doing a good job they'll get the rest of the book. (And, of course, if they can't keep the cert themselves they should give it to one of the homeless people just a few blocks from the White House). That plan is only for the brave, of course, and don't tell them I gave you the idea.

Perhaps someone like Neal Boortz or Glenn Beck could pick up this idea and run with it.


this will mean nothing, bush will help the mexican,third world people come here for political race reason.

ICE has only to go after a few large employers and it will have a huge impact on illegal immigration. Prosecute a few large employers and eventually the rest will discharge their illegal aliens out of fear of having the same done to them. Also, it will only take rumors of raids to disrupt operations of these unscrupulous employers. Eventually, the employers will have to rely on citizens exclusively. Everyone who is aware of an employer of large numbers of illegal aliens need only call company management and tell them a raid will occur. Hopefully, the plant or construction firm will shut down often enough in anticipation of a raid to make them change their employment practices.

Better late than never!

With his poll numbers dropping again Bush is doing a little Clinton-style triangulation. Why would a lame duck do this? Well, I guess no one wants to leave office with the lowest poll numbers in history-bad for the legacy, you know. And maybe if he drops into the territory Nixon occupied at the time of his resignation (around 20%) the Dems will feel safe about pursuing impeachment.