WashTimes: Congress might pass amnesty

The article "Congress open to passing bill on immigration" doesn't exactly live up to its ominous headline, offering only a few quotes, including this from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT):

"Years of dawdling have worsened our border security and made it harder to fix this broken system... We should not let partisan politics and intolerance continue to delay and derail effective reform... This past May, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported and then the Senate passed bipartisan versions of comprehensive immigration reform to bring people out of the shadows while strengthening our borders... I look forward to building on that work next year and making progress on a bipartisan effort that improves security, supports our economy and respects the dignity of all people."

Obviously, opposition to a massive illegal alien amnesty is a separate issue from those he claims.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says the Dems will pass amnesty, but Rep. Tom Tancredo isn't so sure, thinking they'll only be able to block funding for the recently-passed border fence bill. We're informed that various GOP leaders are weak on the issue and might support amnesty. It also has some of their grades from Americans for Better Immigration:

Rep. John A. Boehner of Ohio, the House Republican leader, has a "D"; Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the House Republican whip, scores a "C+." Incoming House Republican Conference Chairman Adam H. Putnam of Florida, who has co-sponsored legislation that many view as amnesty, scores an "F-" from the group on the issue.

It might not be so bad if the Dems and some Republicans try to push "comprehensive reform", just so long as it generates a debate and a large number of complaints from their constituents and is then scrapped. If along the way some of the pro-amnesty pundits, reporters, and others are discredited that would be a nice bonus.


buy guns make cells and fight for freedom and laws, this government is in the full control of our enemies and wants us dead and hates our laws and hates our freedoms this amnesty bill that will become the so called law of the land is in fact the death of a nation and the start of open war against "we the people", the next move is up to the people, will you fight or just be killed?

don't be the new jew fight back against evil and its people.

The deal has been done for some time now, only a fool did not see that fact, do any of you think that the so-called amnesty bill would not pass this so called congress, this nation has been sold out along time ago! and soon people will get that point bush and the hill and bill show have been working over time and most of the congress have been paid off years ago. end game and most still don't get whats coming. sad world 2006.

Let's all keep in mind the fact that if amnesty is, in fact, granted to the 12-20+ illegal aliens in the US, that is only the beginning. Next comes family reunification and chain migration.

The single largest source of legal immigration to the US is family reunification, not skills. This family reunification consists not only of immediate family (spouse and children), which usually join the immigrant fairly shortly, but also parents, adult children, brothers, and sisters, which are brought to the US over a period of time. Their skills and the US's needs do not play a factor in admission - they are relatives and that is that. In fact some aged parents are placed on SSI without having worked a day in the US. Also the brothers and sisters can in due course start their own family reunification with their immediate families. Their spouses can eventually bring in their parents, siblings, etc and so on and so on.

Needless to say, about the only people who are able to use family reunification (other than a relatively small number of people who marry non-citizens) are fairly recent immigrants. No one else would have children, parents, and siblings in their original country. I find it a little odd that people who have been in the US for a relatively short amount of time - and who may hold citizenship in their country of origin as well as the US - have more say about whom we allow into the US than people whose ancestors have fought and died in our wars, survived our tough economic times, paid taxes for generations, and who owe allegiance to the US alone.

Add the fact that many recent immigrants see the US as primarily a place to make money, feel no loyalty to it, and retain citizenship rights in their original country and I think we have quite a bit to think about.

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Hey Leahy, support America's dignity. Enforce the law. NO AMNESTY. No doublespeak "guest worker" or any other disguise. Your re-election hinges on American citizens dignity vs. illegal fence jumpers. Did we elect you, or did mexico? Amnesty...you're out! Enforcement? I'd vote for you, even if you are a democrat.