Spanish-language Democrat response to SOTU (Xavier Becerra)

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA) gave the Spanish-language Democrat response to the State of the Union.

He spent a few paragraphs on immigration and said the standard things. About the only thing different from what Bush said is that he went even further with the smears. Whereas Bush just said "without animosity and without amnesty", Becerra included the following:
On immigration, after years of Republican attacks and inaction, Democrats are ready to lead. For us to succeed, however, we will need the support of President Bush, and we are ready to work with him.

Our bipartisan principles for comprehensive immigration reform are clear: protect our borders responsibly, fix the backlogged visa process, and establish a path for legal residency for immigrants who have earned it through years of hard work.

Our immigration system is broken. Now is the time for comprehensive immigration reform.
Just before that, he complained about "parents must work sometimes two jobs each, just to pay the bills". However, the "reform" he supports would flood the U.S. with cheap labor and reduce wages for those parents who are working two jobs. Sure, they might have to work three jobs, but at least they'd have given Becerra more race-based power.

He also complains about (presumably) U.S. citizens not being able to afford college educations. Yet, he supports the DREAM Act, a completely anti-American bill that takes college discounts from U.S. citizens and gives them to citizens of other countries who are here illegally.


what he really wants is it to be called THE STATE OF MEXICO.
He like many mexicans want bin laden to win and want the USA To be part of the history books, he loves his real conutry called mexico he works to make that evil idea a real fact, and it will be a fact soon, sad world 2007.

A People A Nation that will not listen is a place that is helpless in the face of evil doers like Xavier Becerra.