Boston Herald wants to "resolve immigration reform"

The Boston Herald offers a canard-laden editorial called "Time to resolve immigration reform" (link). Like others, they cautiously think this is a good opportunity for the Democrats and Bush to find common ground:

But many Democratic leaders do share with the Bush administration a vision for a temporary guest worker program for the people who keep the wheels of our shadow economy moving - while at the same time toughening enforcement at our borders. They should take advantage of that common ground.

Those "guests" wouldn't be "temporary". Under the Senate bill, they'd be here for three years, followed by a possible three year extension. At four years, they could apply for legal permanent resident status. And, under anything other than a very tightly controlled short-term program, our "guests" would have U.S. citizen children, and people like Bill Richardson would oppose deporting those who didn't want to leave. As for that "shadow economy", it'll still be around, as new illegal aliens come here to take advantage of future amnesties. And, needless to say, it is based on illegal activity such as identity theft and it leads to government corruption.

A meaningful compromise would be a lesson to those Republicans who preferred to hold sham hearings rather than tackle this tough issue before the election. Heck, Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.), a fan of that oh-so-practical idea of sealing the borders and deporting all 12 million illegal immigrants, is already watching from the sidelines, having lost his bid for re-election.

And, here we thought the "sham hearings" talking point had been retired. And, Hayworth supported attrition, not the mass deportations implied. And, as has been pointed out a few times already, other factors played a large role in Hayworth not being reelected.

This people just don't give up, do they?


And J D Hayworth was also tarnished by his association with Abramoff. You never see this mentioned even if the article is talking about corruption elsewhere.